Due to the current situation, we have a limited bake schedule that brings our customers the Great Harvest staples. Be sure to take advantage of our curbside service or delivery through mobile apps (GrubHub, UberEats, PostMates, DoorDash, etc). We offer limited hand delivery to our local area (MAP) and for free over $75 (not cafe items).

As our breads are baked fresh daily and we don't sell anything that is not fresh, to guarantee availability call your local Bakery-Cafe-Store or order online to reserve your bakes, spreads and cafe items for lunch.


We aim to have all products ready by noon each day. We hate to disappoint you if we're sold out of your favorite bread when you get here (trust us that happens a lot!)

To place an order for a cafe item, call your local Bakery-Cafe and we'll have it ready for you when you come. Online ordering is available but remember that we are not fast food and your order will not always be ready when you arrive.

We only exist to bake what you, our customers, want to eat on a regular basis at home or to gift; however our monthly bake schedule is limited to only the most popular or unique bakes. If you NEED a specific bread/teacake bake or cookie/scone/bar/muffin/biscotti combination, fill out the form so we can get in touch when we next make it or we'll even see if we can do a bake for you.