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Build your own gift and select from our

  • freshly baked breads and goodies
  • seasonal tea towels
  • fresh bake mixes
  • local farm jams/preserves
  • HomePlate peanut butter
  • gourmet oils and vinegars
  • spreads & dips
  •  dog treats
  • honey (natural, flavored, whipped)


Presentation options include a cellophane-wrapped and ribbon-tied:

  • Cardboard tray
  • Wicker basket (w/ cloth lining)
  • Paper gift bag (not wrapped)
  • Shipping presentation box (ready to be shipped)


Due to the limitation of our online ordering platform, please either call in or email your custom gift/shipping order.Teatowel photos for illustration purposes only - seasonal one will be selected.


We can also help you put together the perfect selection for your recipient.

Build your Own Gift