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Provided from a family-run maple tree farm in PA. 


Infused with organic ceylon cinnamon sticks and Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans.


Artisan crafted pure maple syrup + bourbon/ rye whiskey barrels = a new world of flavors. During the spring syrup harvest they wait for the syrup to develop a specific flavor profile that is suited for barrel aging. They procure freshly emptied casks from a local craft distillery, Wigle Whiskey from Pittsburgh PA, to achieve the most complex and robust infusion possible. 


Here are some ways to enjoy:

  • add a spoonful to coffee or tea
  • drizzle over fresh apple pie
  • enjoy on sharp cheddar or havarti
  • experiment with pork or chicken on the grill
  • spoon over vanilla ice cream

Maple Syrup - Infused

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